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About the protected area

Naustdal-Gjengedal has a varied nature that includes valleys, high mountains and glaciers.




Naustdal-Gjengedal verneområdestyre
Njøsavegen 2
N-6863 Leikanger
E: naustdal-gjengedal@fylkesmannen.no



Mountain valley.

The landscape is characterized by fishing lakes, mountain farms and lush grazing pasture. Large parts of the area are well adapted with paths, wooden walkways and bridges. Many roads and parking lots make the area easily accessible for low-threshold outdoor activities such as daytrips and family trips.

On the other hand, visitors can find untouched wilderness, glaciers and steep mountains, one of which is Botnafjellet (1572 m above sea level).

Mountain landscape.
Two red deers.


Naustdal-Gjengedal is a diverse area that is home to a lot of wildlife, in addition to the wild reindeer. A large part of the protected area lies in the new municipality of Sunnfjord, which is now the country’s largest ‘red deer municipality’. The rest of the area lies in Gloppen, which is a municipality with a lot of red deer and long deer hunting traditions. 

Visitors can also experience the normal wildlife that is found in the forests and mountains of Western Norway. Elegant golden eagles soar high in the mountains, often looking for one of the many ptarmigan or hares that are found up here. Down in the forests visitors can find a rich bird life and small predators such as foxes and pine martens.

Every now and again, the area is visited by large predators that pass through. Over the past decade, both wolverines and wolves have visited the area.


The landscape and flora in Naustdal-Gjengedal vary greatly.

Many rich birch forests and tall forbs can be found around the Storevatnet and Dalevatnet lakes in Gjengedalen.

Snow gentians, yellow sedge, mountain avens and other plants that grow in chalky soil are also found in the protected area.

Mountain flower.
Two red deers.


The Board of Naustdal-Gjengedal Protected Landscape has its own webpage.