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There is a great variety of lakes in this area, from ones that are easily accessible where you can catch a lot of fish, to lakes that are further up in the mountains that hold large trout.




Naustdal-Gjengedal verneområdestyre
Njøsavegen 2
N-6863 Leikanger
E: naustdal-gjengedal@fylkesmannen.no



Title Address Description
Naustdal-Gjengedal, Gloppen, Norge
Krånavegen 5, 6823 Sandane, Norge
Parkering Gjengedalsstøylen
Unnamed Road, 6829 Hyen, Norge
Unnamed Road, 6823 Sandane, Norge
Parkering Langedalen
Unnamed Road, 6823 Sandane, Norge
Parkering Fitjedalen
Unnamed Road, 6823 Sandane, Norge
Parkering Jardalen
Unnamed Road, 6823 Sandane, Norge
Parkering Myklandsstøylen
Unnamed Road, 6823 Sandane, Norge
Parkering Legestølen
Unnamed Road, 6843 Skei i Jølster, Norge
Parkering Ålhus
Unnamed Road, 6847 Vassenden, Norge
Parkering Botnen
Angedalsvegen 1505, 6811 Førde, Norge
Parkering Vona/Instedalen
Vonavegen 207, 6817 Naustdal, Norge
Unnamed Road, 6817 Naustdal, Norge
Dalelia, 6829 Hyen, Norge
Unnamed Road, 6823 Sandane, Norge
Fiske Breim:
Fv696, 6823 Sandane, Norge
Fiske Langedal
Unnamed Road, 6823 Sandane, Norge
Fiske Søreide og Ryssdal
6823 Sandane, Norge
E39, 6847, Norge

There are many watercourses and many small and large lakes in and around the Naustdal-Gjengedal Protected Landscape. The majority of the these are good fishing lakes that hold good numbers of trout.

River in a valley.

Remember to buy a fishing license

Most fishing licenses are easily accessible at Inatur.no. Some of the lakes are locally organized and fishing licenses can be bought via SMS or from a post box located at the lake.

Fishing license Søreide and Ryssdal

Fishing license Jølster

Fishing license Breim

Fishing license Langedalen

Fishing license Instedalen in Naustdal 

Fishing license Gjengedalen

Fishing license Traudalen

Fishing tips

Vonavatnet, Storevatnet and Traudalsvatnet are fishing lakes that are easily accessible, provide good fishing opportunities and it is easy to buy fishing licenses. Obviously, there are many more lakes and areas to explore, but the most centrally located ones are the best with regard to quality and accessibility.

Byrkjeneset, lake.