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There are long traditions of mountain farming and the utilization of rough pasture in Naustedal-Gjengedal, a culture which continues to this day.




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Mountain farming.

Every year, approximately 10,000 animals graze freely on the uncultivated land in and around Naustdal-Gjengedal. Here, the pasture is great for the livestock, and this is the reason why there has been a long tradition of utilizing the rough pasture.

There are many mountain farms in and around the protected area, and in earlier times, traditional mountain farming took place where the milk was either processed on the farm or transported down to the village. There are still many mountain farms operating that produce either cow’s or goat’s milk.


Keep your dog on a leash

Remember to keep your dog on a leash. Dogs must be kept on a leash from 1 April to 20 August. In addition, many municipalities have extended this period after 20 August due to grazing animals.