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Trips and experiences

Naustdal-Gjengedal is a great place to go hiking. There is a wide range of different trips and areas where visitors can take both short and long hikes and experience many other things.




Naustdal-Gjengedal verneområdestyre
Njøsavegen 2
N-6863 Leikanger
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A great hiking area

Naustdal-Gjengedal has plenty of trails that are marked, signposted and adapted. However, there are also areas that are totally untouched and off the beaten track.

During the winter season, it is nice to go skiing on some of the many summit trips that are available.


Mountain cabin.
Person hiking.


Nordfjord Aktiv organizes guided tours and rents out a lot of different equipment. You might feel safer taking part on a guided tour if you are a bit uncertain about the choice of route.

Langedalen Gimmestad offers a unique experience of nature with the possibility of renting a boat.

Nordfjord Aktiv

Langedalen Gimmestad

Longevass Cabin

A reasonably long and semi-challenging trip to a nice cabin located in a beautiful landscape. The cabin is available for most of the year. The hiking trail is of good quality.

The trip can be fount at Ut.no

Longevass Cabin at Ut.no

Longevass cabin.
Mountain lake.


Byrkjeneset next to Storevatnet Lake is an idyllic, beautiful and easily accessible hiking destination. It is a former wilderness camp that is now open to the general public.

Follow County Road 5730 from Aa and drive further on to støylsvegen and Gjengedalstøylen. You can park your car at Gjengedalstøylen where you can find a large parking lot and toilet facilities. Follow County Road 5730 from Å, and turn off onto setervegen to Gjengedalstøylen.

About the trip

An easy trip in flat terrain along Storevatnet Lake. We have laid wooden walkways along most of the trail so it is a lot easier to walk. Byrkjeneset is a lush and beautiful place. There is a fenced campsite where visitors can pitch their tents, and there is also an outdoor toilet. There is a beautiful beach with white stones.

Kayaking at Byrkjeneset på Ut.no


Ryssdalshorn is a popular hiking destination from Gloppen. ‘A summit trip’ in the mountains with a great view. A steep climb, and many meters of elevation. However, this is still a manageable trip for most visitors. We have installed steel stairs in the steepest sections.

Description of the trip at Ut.no

Person hiking.
Person skiing.

Ski trips  

The mountains here offer many great ski trips. Plan your trip before you set off, and make sure you have checked the weather and avalanche forecasts.

We have lot of tips about great ski trips in the area: Sandfjellet, Morafta, Svartekari og Syskardnipa.