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Wild reindeer

The habitat of the wild reindeer population in the Førdefjella wild reindeer area is located in Naustdal-Gjengedal Protected Landscape. Show consideration if you meet them while on a trip, especially during the calving period in the spring.




Naustdal-Gjengedal verneområdestyre
Njøsavegen 2
N-6863 Leikanger
E: naustdal-gjengedal@fylkesmannen.no




A herd of 100 animals

The reindeer herd is the result of an attempt at domesticated reindeer husbandry in the 1950s. However, the reindeer are now managed as wild reindeer by the Førdefjella Wild Reindeer Board.

The herd currently consists of approximately 100 animals, but their numbers have varied over the years. There were almost 200 animals in the herd at one time, but it has also been a lot smaller. In around 1980, there were almost no reindeer left in the area. This was due to wolverines wreaking havoc in the mountains. In recent years, the herd has remained stable with between 80 to 90 overwintering animals.



Wild reindeer herd resting.
Wild reindeer

Show consideration on your trip

Wild reindeer hunting begins on 20 August. The landowners in the area apply for hunting permission, and licenses are awarded to hunters according to a lucky draw carried out by the Wild Reindeer Board. Normally, between 10 and 15 reindeer are shot in Førdefjella each year.

If you are lucky, you might meet the reindeer when out hiking in the protected area or the surrounding mountains. Visitors should really enjoy the sight and experience of encountering this fascinating animal. On the other hand, one should avoid disturbing the reindeer unnecessarily. Enjoy them from a distance and try to walk well around the herd.
Calving takes place during the spring, and this means that it is especially important to show consideration.